Our strengths

Iron Fist produces products with high quality standards. We paid the utmost attention to design, a key starting point in the development of the system. We only use high-strength steels in the construction of our cranes, e.g. WELDOX.

The surface of all cranes is made with a special marine treatment with sandblasting, high pressure washing and cold galvanizing.

A powerful rotation system with a revolving bearing and gearboxes allows precise work and a better load distribution on the base.

The crane safety system is made exclusively with hydraulically driven components. On the other hand, the hydraulic systems of the IRON FIST cranes are characterized by two important factors: low operating pressure; Largest tube diameter. But the cranes can be equipped with an electrical system, generally used for the application of radio controls.

In addition, the IRON FIST spare parts are the same used for the construction of cranes, as well as all cranes are equipped with PROPORTIONAL CONTROL VALVES to have all movements perfectly controlled.

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treatments spare parts

control rotation

hydraulic system electric system